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  • George Baloghy

    George Baloghy (28)

    George Baloghy has exhibited regularly in New Zealand and overseas for over 30 years.
  • Liam Barr

    Liam Barr (4)

    Liam Barr is a leading contemporary New Zealand artist. Barr’s finely honed skills communicate with delicacy, compassion and perception aspects of the human condition
  • Emma Bass

    Emma Bass (16)

    Emma Bass is an award-winning New Zealand artist, best known for her Imperfect & Embellish art series. Lusciously seductive, the striking compositions also deliver a sharp bite of reality. In a world obsessed with perfection, these portraits of flora ‘on the turn’ or augmented with paint and objects find beauty in decline and demise, and question the authenticity of enhancements.
  • Bridget Bidwill

    Bridget Bidwill (10)

    Bridget Bidwill uses her personal alphabet of shapes, merged with hints of reality (vessels, leaves and bottles) to create works of pictorial eloquence. Bidwill's works are held in many public and private collections throughout New Zealand.
  • John Blackburn

    John Blackburn (52)

    After studying at the Margate School of Art, and a stint in the RAF, English-born John Blackburn ventured to New Zealand in the 1950s. By the time he returned to his native England in 1961 he was arguably the most radical painter working in Auckland, where he had exhibited at Auckland's short-lived Circle Gallery.
  • Justin Boroughs

    Justin Boroughs (8)

    Justin Boroughs is highly renowned as a realist landscape painter. The landscapes that he paints are familiar, however, they always present a point of difference from reality.
  • Nigel Brown

    Nigel Brown (19)

    Nigel Brown has a systematic and workmanlike approach to painting. He works from an initial concept, which is the result of reading and extensive research.
  • Brendan Burns

    Brendan Burns (2)

    Brendan Burns currently lives and works in Cardiff. Burns creates large abstract paintings of the rock pools, lichen and organisms present on the Pembrokeshire coast.
  • Ray Ching

    Ray Ching (39)

    Ray Ching (also known as Raymond Ching) is renowned as New Zealand’s leading contemporary bird and figure painter.
  • Bronwynne Cornish

    Bronwynne Cornish (6)

    Bronwynne Cornish is one of New Zealand's best known makers of sculptural ceramics, with a career spanning over 40 years. Cornish’s approach towards her sculpture has earned her recognition and critical acclaim as a highly influential contributor to New Zealand ceramics and art education. Her work has been exhibited throughout the country, where she has had major shows in all New…
  • Anah Dunsheath

    Anah Dunsheath (8)

    Visual transformation and optical illusion are the key elements of Anah Dunsheath’s practice. Her works feature pronounced perspective and an often paradoxical relationship between 3-dimensional space and 2-dimensional surface.
  • Fatu Feu'u

    Fatu Feu'u (11)

    Fatu Feu’u is a renowned Samoan artist, acknowledged as both a leader and mentor within the Pacific arts community.
  • Hamish Foote

    Hamish Foote (5)

    Hamish Foote is a practicing artist, consistently exhibiting work in both private and public galleries since the early 1980s.
  • Nicky Foreman

    Nicky Foreman (11)

    Nicky Foreman’s current working practice has a strong connection with France. Her works are in essence, a hybrid of the two contrasting environments of France and New Zealand.
  • Marian Fountain

    Marian Fountain (81)

    Marian Fountain combines the inspiration of the rich diversity of European art, history and culture with her New Zealand roots and the cultures of the Pacific.
  • Viky Garden

    Viky Garden (4)

    Viky Garden’s explores themes of impermanence, self-image, introspection and the female experience in her work.
  • Aroha Gossage

    Aroha Gossage (22)

    Aroha Gossage's paintings seek to connect with tupuna and the past. Her landscapes are located in Pakiri and Hauturu (Little Barrier)
  • Bruce Hunt

    Bruce Hunt (5)

    Bruce Hunt’s epic depictions of the Otago and South Canterbury landscapes are powerful works, which sweep the eye over what appear to be seemingly endless sinewy vistas. These panoramic vistas are more than mere documentation – Hunt’s works evoke an emotional and spiritual response to the land. He explores the history, geology and myth that envelops the vast empty tussock-clad…
  • Ron Left

    Ron Left (7)

    Ron Left is a leading contemporary abstract artists, based in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Andy Leleisi'uao

    Andy Leleisi'uao (3)

    Drawing together threads from such disparate sources as Stone Age rock art, classical Greek vase painting, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Samoan siapa cloth, Andy Leleisi’uao speaks with a distinctive visual language.
  • Medal Art New Zealand

    Medal Art New Zealand (49)

    ARTIS Gallery artist
  • Siavash Momeny

    Siavash Momeny (16)

    Inferences of migration and change are prominent themes in Siavash Momeny’s paintings. He depicts objects wrapped in newspaper and although their surface is masked, the objects are usually clearly recognisable.
  • Josh Olley

    Josh Olley (4)

    Known primarily for his stunning work carved from stone, Joshua Olley creates works expressing his ethical and environmental values.
  • Peter Panyoczki

    Peter Panyoczki (22)

    Peter Panyoczki is a highly regarded mixed media artist, working in a hybrid of forms and mediums including painting, sculpture, installation, photography and digital technology.
  • JS Parker

    JS Parker (23)

    JS Parker is best known for his large impasto paintings within a grid format.
  • Elizabeth Rees

    Elizabeth Rees (7)

    Elizabeth Rees is a painter of mystery. Her work, across all its themes, suggests a moment caught and made solid with oil paint.
  • Ann Robinson

    Ann Robinson (7)

    Internationally recognised for her sculptural cast glass works, Ann Robinson has been at the forefront of national and international glass art for many years. With a practice that stretches back more than 40 years, Robinson’s continued innovation and experimentation have spearheaded the development of New Zealand glass art and ensured her recognition as a master in her field.
  • Michael Smither

    Michael Smither (10)

    During his long and prolific career Michael Smither has found continuing inspiration in his immediate environment. This has resulted in a large body of work that is synonymous with the New Zealand landscape and culture.
  • Terry Stringer

    Terry Stringer (9)

    Terry Stringer is a leading New Zealand sculptor and a key figure in the history of art in New Zealand.
  • Llew Summers

    Llew Summers (8)

    Llew Summers' monumental sculptures in bronze, concrete and stone are highly visible in public spaces throughout New Zealand.
  • Rick Swain

    Rick Swain (4)

    Rick Swain is a leading New Zealand sculptor, who draws his inspiration for his work from New Zealand's natural beauty.
  • Grahame Sydney

    Grahame Sydney (1)

    Grahame Sydney is one of New Zealand’s major artists and his work spans over four decades.
  • Marté Szirmay

    Marté Szirmay (22)

    Art making for Marté Szirmay is about creating a language of signs and symbols that transcend regional, cultural and social limitations.
  • Weston Frizzell

    Weston Frizzell (12)

    Weston Frizzell has shaped an art brand that is a distillation of the kiwi psyche in a global context.
  • Jim Wheeler

    Jim Wheeler (17)

    A full-time art practitioner since 1989, Jim Wheeler has been exhibiting for over thirty years
  • Mervyn Williams

    Mervyn Williams (18)

    Although best known as a painter, throughout his distinguished career Mervyn Williams’ artistic practice has also encompassed design, printmaking and sculpture
  • Pamela Wolfe

    Pamela Wolfe (15)

    Pamela Wolfe is regarded as one of New Zealand's pre-eminent painters and is renowned for her beautiful vibrant canvases of large flowers.