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Marté Szirmay

Art making for Szirmay is about creating a language of signs and symbols that transcend regional, cultural and social limitations. The works are often conceptualised in terms of focusing devices for ‘healing’, meditation and contemplation. Marté works in a sequential manner ‘thinking through’, questioning and pushing the variable outcomes of ideas. The interaction of the audience with the works has always been a major concern for her. Whether the works are intimate or monumental, their size is always on a ‘human scale’.

Throughout her career Marté has investigated a variety of materials and processes continually seeking the most appropriate manifestation of her ideas.

Marté Szirmay being presented with the McConnell Family Supreme Award at the 2019/20 Sculpture in the Gardens for her piece 'Contained and Protected'

Marté Szirmay

The video, featured below, was filmed during the 2013/14 Sculpture in the Gardens exhibition and features Marté discussing her work, Split (Earthquake series).