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Peter Panyoczki

Peter Panyoczki is a highly regarded mixed media artist, working in a hybrid of forms and mediums including painting, sculpture, installation, photography and digital technology. Panyoczki belongs to the 1980s generation of artists who polemically rejected conceptual art, yet did not simply return to figurative art, instead having a conceptual interest in the question of art as a medium.

A common feature in Panyoczki’s works is the presence of texture, be it actual surface texture or the representation thereof in photographic media. The textured surfaces are evocative, forming notions of one’s past and inner self, or that which has been buried and forgotten.

Today Panyoczki lives between New Zealand and Switzerland – he is permanently on the move and this is reflected in his work. In October 2018 Panyoczki completed a three month residency in Vladivostok, Russia. 


2019 – Mayday, ARTIS Gallery, Auckland


2004 – Distance and Proximity – a monograph on Peter Panyoczki, with texts by Georg Kohler, Wystan Curnow, Peter Panyoczki, imp.press Auckland

1980 University of Zurich, Master of Arts (German Language and Literature, Art History)


2019 – Mayday, ARTIS Gallery, Auckland
2017 – Surface and Beneath, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
The Vivian Gallery, Matakana/Auckland
Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2016 – Group Show, Bath Street Gallery, Auckland
Art Fair Hong Kong
Art Fair Auckland
Pah Homstead, Wallace Arts Center, Auckland, New Zealand
2015 – Sydney Contemporary Art Fair
Art Malaysia Expo, Kuala Lumpur
Group Show, Galerie Lukas Feichtner, Vienna
Avid Gallery, Wellington
Group Show, The Vivian Gallery, Matakana, New Zealand
Group Show, Conny Dietschold Gallery, Sydney
2014 – The Invisible Visible, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
Particle Meditations Part III, Galerie am Schillerplatz Vienna
Particle Meditations Part II, Global Art Source, Küsnacht / Zürich
2013 – Art Fair Auckland
Particle Meditations, Bath Street Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
Global Art Source, Küsnacht / Zürich
2012 – Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
2011 – MATTERS, Bath Street Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
Art Fair Auckland
2010 – Hauptbahnhof (Main Railwaystation), Zürich, Switzerland
Peter Panyoczki- New Works, Galerie Werner Bommer, Zurich
New Zealand Artists, Pataka Museum, Wellington
2009 – Nature Morte – Still Life, Bath Street Gallery Auckland, New Zealand
Zunehmend Undeutlich, Vebikus, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Utsunomiya Museum of Art, Utsunomiya
Art Fair Auckland with Bath Street Gallery
2008 – Verscheinungen – Dis – Emergences, Radical Gallery, Zug, Switzerland
2007 – Bath Street Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
2006 – Group show, Bath Street Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
Red Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand
Gallery M.-L., Wirth, Zurich
Performance: 3 Poems with Michael Renhart (NZ) and Georg Kohler (CH) at Auckland City Art Gallery and Gallery M.-L.Wirth, Zurich
2005 – Group Show at Nadine Mectaff, Beirut, Lebanon
Bath Street Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
Mahurangi Group, Guest artist, Mahurangi, New Zealand
2004 – Marie-Louise Wirth, Zurich
Swiss Art Miami, USA – (1st prize for painting)
Approximations, Gallery Vartai, Vilnius, Lithuania
Bath Street Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
2003 – Gallery Global Art Source, Feldmeilen-Zurich, Switzerland
Marie-Louise Wirth, Zurich, Switzerland
Galerie Leupi, Ascona, Switzerland
2002 – Art Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Galerie Felchlin, Zurich, Switzerland (with Brett Graham, NZ)
2001 – Marie-Louise Wirth, Zurich, Switzerland
Galerie du Projet, Geneva, Switzerland
2000 – Horizons, Halaszbasztya (Fischerbastei), with Tatjana Panyoczki, Budapest
Peter Panyoczki New Works, Brigitte Diserens, Geneva, Switzerland
Japan Airlines, Narita, Japan
1999 – Transit 4, Galerie Frederic Sagot, Paris, France Galerie Frederic Sagot, Paris, France
Transit 1, New Work Studio, Wellington, New Zealand
Transit 2, Galerie Marie-Louise Wirth, Zurich, Switzerland
Transit 3, MMG Galerie, Tokyo, Japan
Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
1998 – Galeria Tres Punts, Barcelona, Spain
Kunst 98 (Art Fair), Zurich, Switzerland
1997 – Peter Panyoczki – New Work, Marie-Louise Wirth, Zurich, Switzerland
Peter Panyoczki – New Work, New Work Studio, Wellington, New Zealand
1996 – Gallery Gow Langsford, Auckland, New Zealand
New Work Studio, Wellington, New Zealand
1995 – Galerie Marie-Louise Wirth, Zurich, Switzerland
1994 – Galerie Union Forum fuer Architektur und Kunst (with G.Damisch,Vienna), Goldach, CH
Galerie Nova, Pontresina, Switzerland (Hommage a Giovanni Segantini)
1993 – Galerie Margine, Zurich, Switzerland
Goethe Institut, Budapest, Hungary
1992 – Stadtgalerie, Zofingen, Switzerland
Mouson Turm, Frankfurt, Germany
Villa Sassa, Lugano, Switzerland
1991 – Vanitas (in collaboration with HSB,Zuerich and the Culture TV, Zurich) Galerie Baviera, Zurich, Switzerland
Studio Uznach, Presentation of the “Hannibal” project and the video
Galerie Margine, Zurich, Switzerland
1990 – Studio Antonio Beneito, Barcelona, Spain
1989 – Galerie Madoni, Zurich, Switzerland
1988 – Galerie Hodel, Zurich, Switzerland
1987 – Gluri-Suter Haus, Wettiingen, Switzerland
Galerie Schottenring (Object and Design), Vienna, Austria
1986 – Galerie Atelier 2000, Vienna, Austria
Galerie Commercio, Zurich, Switzerland
1983 – Galeria Teorema, Florence, Italy
1982 – Galeria Teorema, Florence, Italy
1980 – Second Story Gallery, Lafayette, USA
1979 – Galerie Saager, Zurich, Switzerland


2014 – Schindlerdörfli, Emmenbrücke/Luzern, Switzerland
2006 – Raiffeisenbank Cham, Switzerland
2001 – Raiffeisenbank Aarau, Switzerland
1997 – Winterthur Versicherungen, Hauptsitz Zurich
1996 – Sparkasse Waedenswil (bank building)
1995 – Oberstufenschulhaus Wollerau (school)
1994 – Haus der Schweiz in Berlin (house of Switzerland)
CS- Bank Schanzengraben, Zurich
1992 – Sparkasse Horge, Switzerland
Sparcassa, Affoltern a. Albis, Switzerland
1989 – Model ag, Weinfelden, Switzerland


Erziehungsdepartement Zurich
UBS, Zurich
Credit Suiss, Zurich
Credit Suisse Berlin, Germany
Bank Leu
Schweizer rueck, Zurich
Nordfinanzbank, Zurich
The City Council of Wettingen, Switzerland
Publicitas, Baden, Switzerland
Zuercher Kantonalbank, Zurich
Wsa- Company, (large collection), Switzerland
Zuerich-Versicherungen, Zofingen
Winterthur Versicherung, Zurich
Trifina AG, (large collection), Zurich
New Zealand Post, Wellington
Swiss Embassy, Wellington
Kunsthaus Richterswil, Switzerland
Firma de kalb, Frankfurt, Germany
Jenny Gibbs Collection, Auckland
James Wallace Collection, Auckland
Raiffeisenbank, Zurich
Julius Baer, Zurich
Bank Von Tobel, Zurich
Bank Cantrade, Zurich
Utsunomiya Museum of Art, Nagako-cho, Tokyo


2018 – Selected by Sir James Wallace Arts Trust for Artist in Residence Program in Vladivostok (June to October)
1993 – Art Residence in Budapest