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John Blackburn is well known in Britain and New Zealand as an abstract painter of originality and vision. Shapes and applications have reoccured frequently in his works throughout the past decades, but they are always fresh and illuminating, reflecting both order and change – “continually open to experience and reassessment”. Blackburn’s paintings are made up of overlapping layers – each embedded with their own meaning. These contrasting layers interact with each other, creating an euphony of colour, texture and form.

Peter Panyoczki is a highly regarded mixed media artist, working in a hybrid of forms and mediums including painting, sculpture, installation, photography and digital technology. Panyoczki’s work expresses the paradox of communication that refuses to reveal itself by providing information of what it is made of. A common feature in Peter’s works is the presence of texture, be it actual surface texture or the representation thereof. The textured surfaces are evocative, forming notions of one’s past and inner self, or that which has been buried and forgotten.

John Blackburn · 'Red Cup, Orange Square - Littlebourne'