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“From a personal point of view, I have always found it easier to center myself in an ornate space and although there is a current push towards the pared back, I am attracted to the unbridled flamboyance of Baroque. The storytelling and emotion evoking imagery resonates with me and I have had visceral reactions to lapis and gold since my childhood, when I sought out travel books in the library. I also like the theatrical element of curtains opening and the story being revealed.
My work is never planned out at the beginning. Often there is one strong image to begin with, that evokes a feeling and then the other elements are built around this, always trying to achieve that ever elusive balance. Although there is a lot of detail, there is an intuitive process to develop each painting.  This can often pose problems to solve within the work, because of my enthusiasm to get the first feeling down.
The altarpieces in the show present an outer shell and an inner hidden story. The imagery depicted all have their own unique meanings. The Magnolia represents perseverance,  the Lily – protection, the Urn – holding, carrying, the Scallop – the Camino Pilgrimage, the Tree – growth and the use of Latin in my works reflects the human condition facing the same struggles and questions throughout the ages.”
Nicky Foreman 2019