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Wedge between Earth & Sky, Lightwell Series 1/1

Cast Glass
250 x 443 x 440 mm

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Ann Robinson’s works embody a feeling of grace and beauty which is highly developed and sophisticated in its approach to line, colour and form. Increasingly her newer pieces challenge the benchmarks of form and scale laid down by her earlier works. Robinson’s vessels and bowls are renowned for their profound beauty, organic natural forms, as well as their ability to contain and transfuse a clear and pure light that seems to change with its surroundings, thereby emitting an almost inner glow.

This vessel represents the Māori creation story of Tāne pushing apart his parents Ranginui, the Sky Father and Papatūānuku, the Earth Mother so that he and all his brothers can live in the light.

At first the children of Rangi and Papa try to prise their parents apart by standing and pushing up with their arms, but even when all pushing together they fail to separate Rangi and Papa’s tight embrace. Tāne lays on his back and instead pushes up with the strength of his legs, finally separating the Sky and the Earth.

The green colour of Robinson’s vessel clearly alludes to Tāne, who is god of the forests and birds. The movement of Tāne laying on his back and pushing up with his legs is represented in the flowing upward form of the artwork, with the narrow base representing Tāne’s head, and the widening rim his legs as they push up.