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Acrylic on canvas
800 x 1100 mm
Signed & dated 2016


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Fatu Feu’u explores motifs of Pacific and particularly his Samoan culture but with a strong modernist interpretation, in paintings, limited editions and sculptures. Fatu has established a distinctive style, which sees him recognised as one of the leading New Zealand Pacific artists.  

Fatu’s work draws inspiration from ancient designs and patterns – from tapa cloth, lapita pottery and tattoo. Over the past decade, Fatu Feu’u has developed a series of works based on the Samoan tradition of ‘ifoga’ or reconciliation/rebuilding after a terrible event or action. The central letter ‘I’ as a motif captures this, with different colours coming together, meeting half way. This can be a meeting between families, tribes, villages or even nations – often to reconcile after someone has wronged another person or party.