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4 meters high

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Fatu Feu’u’s works frequently blend traditional and contemporary elements, incorporating a range of influences, inspirations, techniques and motifs from Samoa and Aotearoa and more generally from Euro-American to Pacific cultures.

The term fa’asamoa can be generally defined as “the Samoan way”. Fa’asamoa has become the unifying element of Fatu’s work. The social structure of Samoan society is held together and actively maintained by an adherence to unwritten but understood cultural conventions embodied in fa’a Samoa which binds family networks to traditional customs and ceremonies. Fatu explains, “In my culture, values are expressed in various forms, religious and traditional.  Fa’asamoa values are manifested in the conventions of ava (respect), fa’ aloalo (reverence) and alof’a (love compassion and concern).  They form the basis of the spiritual and cultural identity of the Samoan people.”