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Dog of Instinct

Acrylic on ply cut out
680 x 780 mm
Signed, 2018

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Nigel Brown DOG is an exhibition of new artwork by New Zealand artist Nigel Brown. On display from 15 October – 3 November 2019.

The image of the dog has become iconic within Nigel Browns painting. In this new exhibition the barking of Nigel Browns dog takes on a more urgent tone, barking desperately at its owner, warning of a of a climate in crisis, leashed by an owner who ignores its frantic call. In DOG, Brown uses the beloved dog as a vehicle to discuss Climate Change, its urgency, and the consequences of ignoring it.

What makes Nigel Brown’s art practice so appealing is his direct and personal articulation of the realities of the human condition. He is profoundly aware of the relationship between human beings and their environment. In his hands symbolism is a powerful and evocative instrument. The fern, black singlet, dog and driveway, James K. Baxter and Captain Cook, all reflect his experience, his observations and his beliefs. He has woven these into a complex web over a period of more than forty years. In his early work he combined a tension and personal narrative centred on social issues in New Zealand topography. His later work included the socio-political world of the distinctly New South Pacific, while in his current practice, he continues to emphasise his vision of a New Zealand identity.