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Concrete GRC
600 mm in diameter

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“All my work, be it in painting, construction, printmaking or as with this new and large body of sculpture, is an exploration of my own personal vision. All my work is distinctly my own and seldom bears much resemblance to anyone else’s, it is made primarily so that I can see what it looks like.

Although, like most artists, I have a strong imagination it is only by realising a visual idea in tangible form that one can test the strength of what one is visualising. This is particularly the case with sculpture where there is the added issue of the tactile response together with the manner in which the completed work interacts with the space in which it is exhibited.

As can be seen from the photograph, some of this sculpture is pretty big and in view of the fact that I turned eighty around the middle of the lockdown it is a matter of great satisfaction that I have remained fit and strong enough to complete such a large amount of work this late in my career. I have always worked in all the recognised media except photography, but did not hit upon an idea in sculpture strong enough to carry a large body of work in this medium till this one came along, I am immensely grateful that it did!” 

Mervyn Williams, 2020