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ANZAC ‘The Pet’ Over Hyde

Acrylic on canvas
1065 x 1670 mm
Signed titled & dated verso

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Travelling into the hills on foot, Hunt has immersed himself in the landscape, becoming intimately aware of the geomorphology and architectural qualities of the land. The physical contact with the country and the walker’s shifting viewpoint reveals new facets of the topography with every step. The artist becomes aware through this contact with the underlying structures which form the backbone of the hills. 

The raw, physical encounter with the countryside becomes the heart of the artist’s work and Hunt’s paintings allow us, too, to sense a connectedness with the land and the insignificance of human activity when set against the scale and might of nature. These feelings are evident in viewing Hunt’s paintings, where the hard tussock-clad clay meets the equal grandeur of the Otago sky.