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Olive Green Pericarp Amphora (pair)

Cast glass 45% – crystal
100 x 320 mm (each one)


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Ann Robinson’s works embody a feeling of grace and beauty which is highly developed and sophisticated in its approach to line, colour and form. Increasingly her newer pieces challenge the benchmarks of form and scale laid down by her earlier works. Robinson’s vessels and bowls are renowned for their profound beauty, organic natural forms, as well as their ability to contain and transfuse a clear and pure light that seems to change with its surroundings, thereby emitting an almost inner glow.

Pericarp Amphorae are built up on a flexible form by repeatedly dipping in hot wax, then cooling and dipping again. While still very thin, they are separated from the former and filled with more melted wax, and poured out from both ends, just before the setting temperature is reached, so that every movement, drips and drops and pour lines are recorded in the finished work. Every move is frozen into the wax form.